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"Navel String" Tree Planting Project

"Navel String" Tree Planting Project

The SCJ Holdings Limited (SCJH) in fulfilling its mission to provide efficient land management services that will foster sustainable, economic and social development in sugar-dependent communities has embarked on its "Navel String" Tree Planting Project. This tree planting project entails the planting of One Million Trees across the island over the next four (4) years and has the follows as its primary objectives:

  • To increase food production,
  • To provide a source of fruits to support agro-processing,
  • To provide employment and culture change in schools and communities,
  • To reduce the country’s carbon foot print,
  • To increase the country’s stock of lumber trees,
  • To protect water sheds, and
  • To support the national climate change initiative.
The SCJH has engaged a number of youth clubs, schools, civic organizations and communities to assist in planting of One Million Trees over the next four (4) years. SCJH is confident that the tree planting initiative will garner much needed attention from other organizations to sustain the project. Educational programmes will be carried out to inform the public about the project and how they can get involved.

The SCJH officially launched its "Navel String" Tree Planting Project on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. For more information on the SCJH's "Navel String" Tree Planting Project see the links below: