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Hertford/Morass Lane Community Regularization & Development Project

The SCJ Holdings Limited under its Community Regularization & Development Programme, officially issued Certificates of Possession to residents of Hertford/Morass Lane, Westmoreland on Friday, February 27, 2015 at a Hand Over Ceremony. This programme commenced the process of allowing some 800 families now living in these communities the opportunity of property ownership for lands that they have been living on for decades. In this initial phase, 100 residents will be provided with Certificates of Possession on lands owned by the SCJ Holdings Limited under the Community Regularization & Development Programme.

The Sugar Estates across Jamaica in particular Frome, Monymusk, Bernard Lodge, St. Thomas and Trelawny had provided their employees with housing in order to ensure that they were in close proximity to the farms, factories, and offices. The Community Regularization & Development Programme’s mandate is allowing families of former sugar workers who had settled on sugar estate lands owned by SCJ Holdings Limited to become legitimate property owners. This project will allow the residents living in estate houses or on lands to take up the responsibility of home/land ownership and community development. The end result will reveal thriving communities post of the divestment of the sugar estates.

SCJ Holdings Limited has always remained true to its Mission and Core Values which fundamentally guide the principle of ensuring that footprints in all communities lead to sustained, wholesome lifestyles, economic growth and social development. Through longstanding partnerships with agencies/associations such as HEART, NHT, LAMP, RGD,  SDC and  varied sporting/cultural bodies  to name a few, SCJH has created a framework that will continue to transform emerging regularized and developed communities well into the future.  These agencies along with other financial institutions and utility companies were on location to assist, inform and educate the citizenry on matters surrounding property ownership. Several high ranking government officials, local government leaders, agencies and corporate entities were in attendance for this momentous occasion.

Below are a few pictures taken at the Hertford/Morass Lane Community Regularization & Development Project handing over ceremony:


(1) Our Minister of Agriculture, Labour, and Social Security, Honourable Minister Derrick Kellier gives the main address.

(2)   (3)

(2) Our Master of Ceremony and member of Team SCJH, Reverend Joseph Stewart, (3) Director Paul Wilson welcomes those present and relays the opening remarks

(4)   (5)

(4 & 5) Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John L. Gayle outlines the plans for the development and regularisation of Hertford/Morass Lane.


(6) The very attentive Hertford/Morass Lane residents listens as Mr. Gayle, C.E.O. of the SCJ Holdings Limited, outlines the plans to move towards land ownership and to bring necessary infrastructure to Hertford/Morass Lane.

(7)   (8)   (9)

(7 - 9 [L - R]) His Worship The Mayor Councillor Bertel Moore, The Honourable Mr. Dwayne Vaz, M.P., and The Honourable Dr. Morais Guy, M.P. address residents of Hertford/Morass Lane.


(10) Our Chairman, Mrs. Donna Scott-Mottley addresses the residents and further outlines the plans to regularise the occupation of residents of Hertford/Morass Lane. 


(11)Our Minister of Agriculture, Labour, and Social Security, Honourable Minister Derrick Kellier presents a Certificate of Possession acknowledging the occupation of part of land part of Hertford/Morass Lane. One hundred (100) Certificates of Possession were presented to residents.


(12)   (13)

(12 & 13) The adorable students of the Hertford Early Childhood Institution, decked in their Jamaican colours and we also celebrate Jamaica Day, gave an enchanting performance.

(14)   (15)   (16)

(14 - 16) The extremely talented duo from the Mannings High School presented their dub poetry which captivated the audience.  


(17) Our very own members of Team SCJH stirs the audience as they sang Eric Donaldson's "Land of my Birth" - a fitting song as we celebrate Jamaica Day across the island.

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